Robin van Persie Leaving Arsenal

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Another key player leaving Arsenal and it’s a sad day to be a gunner. Being an Arsenal fan is a lot like watching the move Groundhog Day, same freaking thing over and over again. Robin van Persie recently announced that he is not going to extend his contract and that he will be leaving Arsenal. Calling van Persie a key player can viewed as an understatement, the striker is not only the captain but also the only player in the current squad that can be considered an absolute world class player.

As an Arsenal fan I can not even feel upset with van Persie, he has handled this whole situation very classy towards the fans. It’s fully understandable that a player of van Persie caliber and age want to give himself the chance to win the big trophies.

The deeper issue is the strategy Wenger and Arsenal have to move the club forward, this year the fans where promised that Arsenal where going to sign some quality players and at least try act on the transfer market as a big club (sounds familiar?). The truth is this transfer season have been more of the same from Arsenal and another season without titles seems unavoidable.

Podolski is a great player but he will never be able to replace RvP and another French striker is not the answer to this problem.

What do you think  about Robin van Persie leaving Arsenal? Will the Gunners bounce back from loosing RvP or could this be the last year of champions league for a while?


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