Robin Van Persie 2.0

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One of the most overrated players today in European Soccer in my humble opinion is Robin Van Persie. He is a good soccer player nevertheless he is not good enough to be considered a world class striker. However it is not his fault that he starts and represents Arsenal as often his frail body can. Arsene Wenger one of the best managers today refuses to face reality in this matter and persists to start Van Persie while not buying a central striker to replace him.

If we look at Van Persie statistics we will see that he have done a decent amount of goals for his club, for example this season he has played 16 games and scored 11 goals which must be viewed as good for a striker. The issue is that Van Persie always seems to fold down in big matches, I have yet to see Van Persie make a big impact in a big game. I often wonder where Arsenal would be today if they had a player like David Villa in their squad. We will never know that, but I believe Arsenal would have a lot more titles these past years if they had a striker who can perform his best in big matches.

Luckily Wenger might start recruiting the new Van Persie who seems to have all the talent his father have and maybe the mental strength to lead a team to win titles.

This post is not about blaming Van Persie for the lack of titles Arsenal has come up with these past years, but he is a piece of the puzzle in the mentality of the current Arsenal squad who have yet to prove that there are as good as they ought to be.

What do you think, why has Arsenal not won a big title for several years and do you think they will win the Premier League this year?


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