George Best legend

George Best Legend

Sometimes you have just set back and dream on how it would be to watch players like George Best. He certainly would have made it to my soccer version of Fields of Dream. One thing is for sure, players like George Best, Gazza, and Cantona are a dying breed. George Best Legend

West Brom Rising

West Brom Rising

We are seven games into the league season and the top half of the Premier League is starting to get a fairly familiar look, with Chelsea, Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal and Tottenham all among the table’s top seven places. The queston who will win the premier league? Is still an open one. Among these…

Chaos in Ivory Coast Senegal Game

Chaos in Ivory Coast – Senegal Game

Didier Drogba took the Ivory Coast to African Cup of Nations. Then chaos in the Ivory Coast – Senegal started out in the stands, the qualifying match had to be interrupted after Senegalese fans threw chairs, stones and bottles at the players. Ivory Coast was about to qualify for the African Cup of Nations next…

Being Liverpool: Will the show go on?

As many Soccer fans out there, Im hooked on the show Being Liverpool. The managment aspect of the show and the time we get to spend with Brendan Rodgers is unique in modern soccer. Nowadays every little thing in professional Soccer happens behind closed doors. That’s why it is refreshing to see a club that…

Preview Uefa Champions League 2012/2013

Preview Uefa Champions League 2012 Part II

Part one of the post Preview Uefa Champions League 2012/2013 Group E Bayern Munich Valencia Lille BATE Borisov Valencia has fallen right into a financial ruin that is so severe that they now sell players to Swansea City. The battle is between Bayern and Valencia. Bayern Munich will win the group, and BATE Borisov can…

Preview Uefa Champions League 2012/2013

Preview Uefa Champions League 2012/2013

Our annual preview Uefa Champions League 2012/2013, which team will be the last team standing? Group A Porto Dynamo Kiev Paris Saint-Germain Dinamo Zagreb Of course, a dream draw for PSG, even if PSG pieces have fallen into place yet, the team is far the strongest team on paper. Behind them? Dynamo Kiev have bought…