F.C Barcelona Undisputed Winners of Champions League

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The performance by F.C Barcelona tonight was one of the best ever in a Champions League final. I haven’t seen a team outplayed in a final since Barcalona lost to A.C. Milan in 1994 with 4-0. That A.C Milan team has a long time been viewed as the best soccer club team every plated,  Barcelona could very well be at the same level today.

Barcelona played out, hacked apart, ran away, ran over and was at times toying with this fantastic Manchester United team. We wondered how they would cope with Chicharitos and Rooney speed, how they would play their way through Vidic and Ferdinand.

For ten minutes, we really wondered and thought that this would be a close match.

For the remaining 80 minutes we saw Xavi, Iniesta , Messi and  their teammate  pass the ball with around, while United had hard time coping with Barcelona intense pressure and was struggling to get the ball over their half-line in possession.
I do not really know what the statistics was when it was all over, but last I checked had Xavi hit more passes to the right address than the entire United’s midfield.

Also Carles Puyol deserve every human beings respect and admiration when unselfishly give away the honor of lifting the trophy to his teammate Eric Abidal.

Abdial’s story is another amazing story, from being in surgery removing a tumor 72 days ago to winning the biggest title in Soccer. What can you say to that?

Barcelona is simply worthy champions. They only have history to compete with tonight.

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