End Of An Era

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What a weekend… Spurs v City 1-5. United v Arsenal 8-2.

For City this was this was a power demonstration. For Arsenal and Manchester United it was the end of an era. Arsenal is no longer playing at the same level as Manchester United.

City’s offense seems  to be Spanish influenced. Diagonal serial, three little ones on top(Silva, Nasri, Kun) which pivots, and moves constantly. It is extremely difficult to defend high against them, and Dzeko took care of the rest.

The difference between Arsenal and Manchester United’s new generation of players is actually  not the quality. The difference is that United players are English, familiar players with a strong backbone of experience in the squad especially in the central line. Arsenal send out fresh talent with no nabysitting at all.

And now, Arsène? The problem of becoming entirely synonymous with your club is that you can’t really fire him – he is Arsenal, it is his job, his thought, his ideology, his everything.

Can he go now? Leave everything? I don’t think so, Arsene can still turn this around and I believe he will.

In Arsene We Trust.

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