Women’s Soccer World Cup

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Women’s World Cup is currently going on in Germany and it has been very impressive to see how the level of soccer has improved these past years.

Luckily there are still room for big bloopers, we now have a copy of Zaires 1974 World Cup team malfunction in the Women’s soccer world cup.

Clearly a very awkward situation arose just over fifteen minutes into the match between Australia and Equatorial Guinea.

After the Australian Leena Khamis shot into the post a defender up the ball with her hands and tossed the ball to her goalkeeper.

The game went on – and five minutes later, Equatorial Guinea scored.

Australia was portesting – especially Leena Khamis – were left stunned in the penalty box and appealed to the Hungarian referee Gaal Gyoengy, who threw just as puzzled glances back and let the game continue.
– What is happening? This is the strangest thing I’ve experienced on a soccer field, said TV4 sports commentator for the live broadcast.


An interesting side note of Zaire’s brain freeze is that it really wasn’t a brain freeze. The Zaire World Cup team was under threat of their life from the president of the country. It was made clear for them that if they embarrassed the country they would be executed on their return, so the defender kicking the ball away was trying to waste time so that they would not concede a goal. They where playing with their life’s at stake.

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