Tottenham crashes out with their heads first

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Real Madrid won a comfortable 4-0 win tonight over Tottenham and the dream of European glory is gone for the Spurs. The players battled heroically but the match was already over when Crouch decided to leave his brain in the locker room prior the game.  Two headers later and Adebayor had nailed down the coffin with the Tottenham team still in it desperately trying find a way out.

There is something very distasteful about the current Real Madrid team, I dont know if it is Mourinhos arrogance, Ronaldo being Ronaldo or Carvahlo complaining about everything and anything. Or maybe it is a mixture of all these factors that makes me strongly dislike today’s Real Madrid.  Or maybe I am just a nostalgic guy, that misses the old Real Madrid days with Guti, Raul, Zidane and Co.

However tonight I sympathize with Tottenham and their fans who never really got a chance to show us what they can do in a big night like this.

Real Madrid can now start focusing on their three front war against their archenemy Barcelona, who they will most probably play in the Champ League Semis and who they also face in the Spanish League Cup Final.

Good luck Mourinho.

On another note Inter-Schalke 2-5 ?? What the hell happened in Milano tonight?

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