President Obamas visit to Brazil forces him to show of his soccer skills

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The world is holding its breath, mobilizing its troops around Libya, Gadaffi is at war, U.S. fighter plane crashes. And if you wonder what Barack Obama does when he is not getting updated on the developments in North Africa, it is probably not what you expect.

He is playing Soccer.

President Obama has been on a visit to Rio’s favelas and according to his ex-colleague, Corinthians supporter, Lula, Obama’s multi-cultural life story of the variety that he just as easily could have been Brazilians. The favela Obama rolled up his shirt sleeves, took off his tie, and while Michelle Obama posed for photographers in yellow blouse and green shirt, he kicked around with some kids. Alltough with all due respect he showed clearly stick with other sports since you can easily see that the president have a case of the famous “wooden leg”. But we give him an A for effort.

The news in the domestic Brazilian football politics was that Flamengo’s president Patrícia Armorim was the only one who managed to fool the President to give him a sweater with a classic signing picture.

– I talked to his wife and his daughters (Malia and Sasha), and explained that Flamengo is Brazil’s most popular club. I joked and said that we have a player who is world famous, and got a jersey with his name on it. He asked if he could have it, I replied “yes, if you want, ”

Smart move Patricia, smart move.

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