Premier League’s 5 Most Underrated Players

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Many might disagree with this list of Premier League’s 5 most underrated players, if you feel like there are missing some players feel free to share your top 5 list of underrated players.

(5) Stewart Downing, Liverpool

Well, how can a player be underestimated if he as an offensive player and doesn’t score a single goal in an entire league season? Well playing in a club that is under-performing, Downing have done it relativly well if you look at assists and contribution in creating goals for the team.

Downing, like many Liverpool players, has suffered from the tendency to judge players based on their transfer fees rather than their accomplishments.

(4) Joey Barton, QPR

There are many reasons to question Barton as a person. Purely in terms of character, he feels a little too volatile to be able to perform at football’s highest level, like a loose cannon that can go of at anytime.

There are a couple of football players in the English football history that balanced on the border between genius and insanity. Barton is undoubtedly one of them.

(3) Peter Crouch, Stoke

There are many prejudices about Crouch. Because he is so tall many managers have used him as a target player. Ironically, it is perhaps just the opposite, his heading game being mediocre, but his technical ability being one of his strength.

Yeah, well, okay then, but how good is he?  A little funny note is that Crouch is the English striker who in the past 30 years has scored the most goals per minute in the English national team.

(2) Aaron Ramsey, Arsenal

It may seem to be a strange paradox in Arsenal fans’ relationship to their players. On the one hand there appears to be a justified pride in the club’s capacity to produce young players, but on the other hand,  the patience with these players are very limited.

The impressions Ramsey gives me when I see him on the football field is a player with confidence, a lovely drive with the ball, a good eye for the game, a good controller of the tempo and a leader on the pitch.

(1) Michael Carrick, Man Utd

I wonder if there is another player who is so good at what he does and still remain unappreciated by team’s supporters. It was when he joined the club in 2006 as Manchester United launched its latest period of dominance in English soccer.

Some of it is a matter of personality, he simply lacks the charisma that Roy Keane had. Performence was Carrick has definitely succeeded which can be backed up the statistics of his years at old trafford.

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