Joey Barton Fleetwood Town Bound?

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Joe Barton said to be ready for Fleetwood Town in the English fourth league, this was reported by BBC this afternoon.

Only a couple days after Joey Barton was selected as one of the most underrated players in the Premier League in our blog.

According to the British public television is the controversial former QPR player about to sign the contract soon, and will if the reports are true, appear just in time for the start of League 2 this fall.

This has been denied by Joey Barton and it seems a little far fetch that the 29 year old will play at that of a low of a level.

To be honest i wouldn’t mind having him in Arsenal. Maybe Wenger could control him and the Gunners finally get a player with some balls in the midfield. Someone who could take over where Patrick Vieira left off.

I’m sure the fans would be willing to pay for Barton’s therapy sessions.Joey Barton Fleetwood Town Bound?

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