New Mexican Soccer Scandal This time It’s Prostitutes

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Mexico has been hit with another a big scandal.

The Mexican national team sent home eight players from the Copa America after they had prostitutes to the hotel room.

We have videos of when women go into the rooms, “says the hotel manager Robert Ramia according to ITV Sport.

In early June, it was revealed that five Mexican players had tested positive for the banned clenbuterol – all the caught players was sent home from the Gold Cup.

This time eight Mexican players have been suspended from the national team games for six months following a sex scandal that occurred during a practice match against Ecuador.

The players were revealed after they have notified the police that they had got rid of personal objects such as computers, mobile phones and money from their hotel rooms.

This launched an investigation and videos from the hotel were able to uncover how a team leader helped the players to get prostitutes into their room.

Nine players were robbed of a total value of $10 000

Despite the fact that five players left Mexico managed to win the Gold Cup after a 4-2 win over the U.S.

What can you say about this incident other than it is sad but the reality is that this is not very uncommon. What makes this incident even more disappointing is that Mexico are in desperate need of role models and then this happens.Anybody who defends their behavior have no clue about soccer, I have heard the argument “hey buying prostitutes is not that bad”.  People seem to forget that they where on a trip with the national soccer team and representing their country.

The whole story is very unfortunate; hopefully the Mexican national soccer team can shake of this bad publicity and keep moving forward,

The players sent home:

Jonathan dos Santos

Nestor Through

Javier Cortes

David Cabrera

Nestor Calderon

Israel Jimenez

Jorge Hernandez

Marco Fabian



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