The 3 Worst Tackles in The Premier League 2010/2011

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Let’s have a look at the toughest (or worst) tackles in the Premier League this season. We have chosen 3 tackles from this season.

Oscar Gobern – Southampton vs Bournemouth, League 1

This tackle took place in League 1 but it was so special we had to add to our list. Gobern received red card right away from his tackle.

Charlie Adam – Tottenham vs Blackpool, Premier League

Believe it or not Charlie Adam didn’t even get a yellow card from this tackle, and he scored on a penalty later on in the game.


Jamie Carragher – Liverpool vs Man Utd, Premier League

A list like this is not complete without Jamie Carragher, he only received a yellow card for this tackle. The question is if Nani’s theatrical performance helped Carragher.


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