Fabregas Drama Finally Over….Or Is It…

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The never ending Fabregas drama seems to be over.

Highly respected BBC now writes  that Cesc Fabregas is close to signing for Barcelona.

According to the BBC, referring to a sources high up in Arsenal, the final details will be finished before the weekend.

After years of speculation, rumor and fights see Cesc Fabregas-soap opera finally appeared to be over. Several heavy media reported on Wednesday that the Spaniard’s transfer to Barcelona now practically finished.

They write that the final details will be finalized within the next few days and that 24-year old’s transfer  will be presented before the weekend. Arsenal will in turn use the full transfer amount to strengthen his squad, said the source for the BBC.
Prize: £35m.

I wont celebrate yet, not until it is official news. But I am happy that Fabregas is leaving, he does not deserve to the captain of Arsenal and its time for him to move on.

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